Illuma Luna - Eye Booster

LUNA is a PN (Polynucleotide) skin booster which is used to treat under and around the eye area.

LUNA is a product which hyaluronic acid is added to PN (Polynucleotide), Increasing cell permeability.

HA gel is slowly released, increasing the active time of PN and consequently extending the Duration of product efficacy.

LUNA has a double boosting effect of regeneration and whitening.

ILLUMA LUNA has 5 times more PN (10mg of polynucleotide) than any other product its in category on the market, it also consists of 5mg of Hyaluronic acid.

LUNA also consists of pharmaceutical-grade raw materials, it works more safely on the sensitive skin around the eyes.

EFFECTS – Improving wrinkles under the eyes

Brightening effect by improving dark circles

Improving skin moisture and pignmentation

INSTITUTION – 3-4 times at 4 week intervals