Blemish Removal

Uncover the transformative potential of Advanced Electrolysis treatments, offering immediate solutions for a variety of blemishes.

A comprehensive consultation is conducted to understand your unique needs.

Certain blemishes like spider veins and thread veins may necessitate multiple sessions for optimal results, while viral blemishes such as warts and verrucas may require more time for effective treatment.

What's covered in a full consultation and patch test?

- Personal and contact details

- Contraindication check

- Medical history

- Skin and blemish analysis

- Contributory lifestyle factors information

- Clinical photography

- Treatment/process information

- Suitability check

- Suggested treatment planning

- Test patch (where medically safe to proceed and required)

- Verbal and Written aftercare is provided

Advanced Electrolysis can effectively address the following blemishes:

- Thread Veins (Broken capillaries)

- Spider Veins

- Cherry Angioma (Blood Spots)

- Mole Reduction

- Milia - Xanthalasma (Cholesterol Deposit)

- Syringoma - Sebaceous Hyperplasia

- Seborrheic Keratosis

- Skin Tags

- Filoform Wart (Single)

- Verruca

- Age Spots

* A GP letter is required before any treatment is offered for a mole: xanthalasma

Our beauty clinic holds a license, provided by - Allerdale council.